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Welcome to MMXZ! Here we provide the world with detailed and sophisticated strategy guides for the Mega Man, Mega Man X and Mega Man Zero gaming series. With all the major aspects of each game covered, all your questions can be answered after a browse through the guides contained in the links on the left. Enjoy your visit!

1,000,000 Hits
16th March 2004 - Posted by Falcon Zero
I knew this day would finally arrive, and it sure is a milestone at that. Take a look at the counter down on the right menu, it's finally ticked over the 1,000,000 mark! Of that number about 760,000 have been unique visitors from around the globe. I've never dreamed that in such a short time I'd reach so many people, and it sure is good to see that these guides have helped people out countless times. With all that said, I'd like to thank everyone for their patronage, from the early days right up to recent times.

Now is probably a good time to think about the future of the site as well. As long as Zophar's Domain are willing to host these walls, we'll be sticking around for good. Keeping up with the tide of MM games Capcom release each year is near impossible, especially with life's complex events so I'm unsure if I'll ever write up another detailed guide. Although there's always a chance I might pick up on the Zero series, especially with the release of Mega Man Zero 3 closing in on Japan. I'm currently working with Heat Man over at Planet Mega Man on the Battle Network series, so hopefully one of these days new guides will appear over there. But for now never forget where you can find guides in the friendly MM community for the classic games - right here.
The Tides of Time
19th January 2004 - Posted by Falcon Zero
Time really does catch up on you, doesn't it? We're still going strong here, so don't ever worry about the site disappearing forever (heck, even if that did happen my content would still be found at PMM, so it wouldn't be all bad. But this is going way off topic so I'd better get on with the update). Xaroxantu Zero has asked me to promote a new fanart site, EraS. But this won't be any old MM fanart site, here Xaroxantu promises to have top-quality professional fanart available from budding artists across the globe. There isn't much to see there yet except for a super Flash teaser, but it'll be a place where the talented artists of the community (come on, we all know you're out there, don't deny your awesome talent) can showcase their fantastic Capcom-rivalling work. Keep checking the site throughout the year, I'm sure it'll be brimming with activity in no time!
Planet Mega Man Move
14th September 2003 - Posted by Falcon Zero
Just a quick update, Planet Mega Man's moving servers and can now be found at The site will be down for a few more days while we sort everything out at our new home, so sit tight and wait for the relaunch, it's going to be something to see.
Break in the Drought
1st July 2003 - Posted by Falcon Zero
Didn't I say stuff would be happening soon? Well, the bad news is that the BN guide is still under development (heck, it's a huge game), but the good news is that I've finally written up guides for Mega Man 1-5 for the original Game Boy system. At last I've scraped together our first beefy update of the year, but rest assured it certainly isn't the last. I'll now be working totally on the BN guide, so you'll be seeing it here soon. Take a look at the GB guides through the Mega Man link on the left. Enjoy!
We're not dead yet
26th June 2003 - Posted by Falcon Zero
I know, I know, it's been three months without a peep of updates, but rest assured, new stuff's coming. I'm currently in the works with Heat Man of PMM on a Mega Man Battle Network guide, which will debut at PMM before shortly afterwards appearing here. We'll be working on guides for the entire BN series, but these games are huge, it'll take some time to go through them all. Of course I'll also continue our MMX and MMZ series coverage once MMX7 and MMZ2 come out in October and hopefully at some time Ill get around to the MML series, but for now BN's got my attention. Keep an eye on PMM for the BN guide. And yes, we're not dead.
More Releases for Australia/Possible New Guides
28th March 2003 - Posted by Falcon Zero
Yikes, a month between updates, but at least we've still got the content to hold on. It looks like Capcom's really borken the drought of MM games here in Australia, as TopShop has listed a slew of new upcoming games to release here. This includes Mega Man Transmission, MM Battle Network 3 (Both versions), MM&Bass, and the controvertial PC version of Mega Man X6. All the releases are subject to change of course, but only time will tell if they hold out.

In other news, I've been considering expanding our coverage of MM series, with the first game in question to be Mega Man Legends. If I can track down an elusive PAL copy of the game, expect to see a new game section soon after. I might also be enhancing the look of all the guides within the next month, so hopefully updates will be more frequent in the near future. Unless some other entity keeps me occupied for a few days. Or months. After all, only a few more days to wait...
Planet Mega Man Opens
21st February 2003 - Posted by Falcon Zero
Well, the day has finally arrived and PMM has opened its doors to the public. For now you'll be able to reach the site here, soon it'll have it's own domain name which shouldn't be far off. Not much else going here in regard to updates, so I'm afraid to say that any new updates will be few and far between. From now on I'll be helping out with the staff at PMM, so expect to see new stuff appearing there from our end of the woods soon.
Slow News
20th January 2003 - Posted by Falcon Zero
Sorry about the lack of any new content over the past month or so, but it's been a busy time for me as this entire year will be as well, but working with Zero X Phoenix and a team of other webmasters, we've been preparing for the launch of Planet Mega Man. The site design's finished and a few touches are all that's left before launch, so I'll make a note of it here once the site launches. Head over to U.M.M.X.Z.W for a sneak preview.
Community News
3rd January 2003 - Posted by Falcon Zero
Happy new year everyone! There's been some events occurring recently in the community, some good, and some bad. First the bad news. One of our longest running affiliates, Mega Man Masters, has closed down after six years of service. This great site was a massive resource for hundreds of Mega Man-related material, but Nightmare Zero (the owner) hinted that U.M.M.X.Z.W might offer some of the material that was on his site. I'd just like to take a moment to thank Nightmare Zero for having a great site for the community, as well as being a great affiliate to this site. In other news, Megaman Outpost and the Megaman Network, two of the biggest MM sites around, are merging to form a massive site that should launch in a few days. Be sure to check out both sites as they'll have loads of content once it launches.

I'll be trying my best over the next few weeks to get the MM: Battle Network guide finished, I've just had a few simple distractions along the way - nothing to worry about, but I'm sure many of you would understand.
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